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Contact Information

Dounan Land Office, Yunlin County
  • Address:No.167, Wunchang Rd., Dounan Township, Yunlin County 630044, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Telephone number:+886-5-5974111
  • Fax number:+886-5-5963888
Dounan Land Office, Yunlin County
Traffic Information
  • By car:

    From north to south, Go National Highway No. 1 Exit at the Dounan Interchange, turn left at first traffic light, drive toward Dounan about 1000m to T-mouth. (From south to north, Go National Highway No. 1, Exit at the Dounan Interchange, drive toward Dounan about 500m to T-mouth), turn right to Provincial Highway 1, drive toward 1400m, turn right to Wenchang Rd, drive toward 150m, you will see Dounan Land Office.

  • By Railway:

    Exit at Dounan Train station, walk toward Zhongshan Rd 750m, turn right at Wenchang Rd. and walk about 150m, Dounan Land Office is at the crossroads of Wenchang Rd. and Fude St.

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